3 February 2023

Azzurro, expo in St. Barths

Our first exposition of 8 artworks in collaboration with Hugo Allard, hosted at Villa Marie Hotel.


A Vision Together

Azzurro is a collection of 8 exclusive photographs turned paintings, mady by artists Rowena Caanen and Hugo Allard. The artworks are a reflection of the island they love: St. Barths, highlighting its natural beauty and bringing local flora and fauna to the foreground. St. Barths has never looked this good! Each artwork is a 1/1 limited edition painting, exclusively available for sale by Rocca Art and Hugo Allard.

The two artists: Hugo & Rowena

Hugo Allard, photographer and Rowena Caanen, painter, are two talented artists with a passion for creating unique, one-of-a-kind art. They met when Hugo needed a brochure for his photography business which was hand-painted by Rowena. Rowena, an accomplished artist, became further inspired by Hugo's photographs.

Azzurro is a blend of their skills to create something truly amazing. They selected 8 of Hugo's photographs and updated them with paintings of Rowena who created a second story in the same frame using St. Barths flora and fauna.
The evening: Villa Marie
Villa Marie Hotel created a beautiful setting for the event, with the frames hanging on wooden walls and tropical vibes all around. As visitors walked around, they were immediately drawn to the vivid colors and lively imagery, many returning multiple times to take in all of the details masterfully painted onto the photographs. The experience wasn't just about the art: visitors were treated to an authentic taste of Italy with delicious food and cocktails.
The Frames of Azzurro
Other prints
Rocca Art would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Villa Marie Saint Barth for their collaboration and support during our art exposition.
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Rocca Art Journey

For each painting, Rowena decided the focus would be the flowers, plants and animals of St. Barths. They would either fly, swim or stroll around the prints to highlight the natural environment. The Grand Fond turtle was the first creation, becoming the start to the entire collection. Sometimes, only by starting, would Rowena realize what she wanted to paint, and sometimes small errors turned into birds or different plants. She was thrilled at the opportunity to combine her talents and Hugo's photography, especially because the painting brought the photographs to life in a new way.